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Vellum WordPress Theme

Une découverte originale et ludique d’un petit coin de paradis, que demander de plus…

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Des jeux de piste pour découvrir autrement

Se ballader en ville une carte à la main et faire le tour tranquillement, sereinement…
Pas mal ! Mais pourquoi ne pas faire ce même circuit avec un peu plus d’énergie, d’envies, d’originalité ?

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On s’adapte A vos besoins, vos envies.

En fonction de vos envies, vos choix pédagogiques, du nombre de participants nous concevons des jeux adaptés à tous les besoins.

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Versatile Design
Easily adapted into any design or style. This isn’t a single theme, it’s a thousand themes in one.

Start with one of our beautiful skins or create a custom one in minutes. Build layouts with our drag and drop interface for unlimited content options, easily change headers, footers and content blocks for fast updates. Take advantage of reusable content for instant site wide updates. Like a robot from outer space, this theme is more than meets the eye.

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Smarter Options Some themes overwhelm you with a labyrinth of settings, we focus on the controls you need.

The truth is, having more options doesn’t make a theme better. Using our smart settings you only change the options that matter, giving you total control without wasting time. The beauty of the design is its ease of use without limiting creativity. Everyone from advanced to entry level users will have the tools they need, regardless of skill level.

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Better Websites in Less TimeAll the tools you need to build your website quickly and easily.




Layout Manager

Custom layouts for any page, including unique headers, footers, menus, logos, sidebars, colors, fonts, skins and much more. Fine tune your site to the last detail for total control in every way possible.
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Reusable Content

Supplement your site with interchangeable content, sidebars, pages and more for site wide updates with the click of a mouse. Manage advertisements, featured content and more with ease.
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Content Builder

Easily build content with drag and drop controls for sliders, icons, images, column structures and more using the industry leading content builder integrated directly into the theme.
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Customize Everything, Including the Admin!Build client specific sites with custom public and admin controls.


Rename settings, add options and restrict access to admin specific areas, it’s easy with our Runway framework. Add, edit and delete options, set permissions and more. Our simple admin tools do it all without editing a single line of code. That’s the kind of control you only dreamed was possible!

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Choose Your StyleVellum is our most versatile theme ever. Check out our examples and see what’s possible.